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Steady Progress in Repatriation: Collaborative Efforts Between Pakistan and Afghanistan

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In a significant development, the repatriation of Afghan citizens from Pakistan has continued to make strides, showcasing the efficacy of collaborative efforts between the two neighboring nations. As of March 24, 2024, an impressive total of 520,692 illegal Afghan nationals have voluntarily returned to their homeland, marking a notable achievement in the ongoing repatriation process.

Over the course of the past 12 days, from March 12 to March 24, a substantial number of Afghan individuals, totaling 7,186, including men, women, and children, have opted for repatriation. This diverse demographic participation underscores the collective decision-making among Afghan families, further highlighting the voluntary nature of the return process.

Of particular significance is the organized repatriation effort, with 298 families, accompanied by 284 vehicles, embarking on the journey back to Afghanistan. This coordinated approach reflects the dedication of both Pakistan and Afghanistan to responsibly manage migration and ensure the safe return of Afghan nationals to their home country.

The ongoing success in repatriation efforts underscores the commitment of both nations to fostering cooperation and addressing mutual challenges effectively. As the repatriation process continues, it stands as a testament to the strength of bilateral relations and the shared resolve to uphold humanitarian principles while managing migration dynamics.



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