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Samsung to Introduce Real-Time Translation Service in Upcoming Galaxy Flagship Model

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Samsung Electronics, the global smartphone leader with a fifth of worldwide sales from July to September, is set to introduce a real-time translation service using AI technology in its upcoming Galaxy flagship model, scheduled for an early launch next year. This feature will facilitate seamless translation in both audio and text during phone calls, regardless of the language spoken by the callers. The innovation will be available even if the other party is using a non-Samsung smartphone, thanks to the incorporation of “on-device AI technology” in the new model.

Samsung has not yet specified the number of languages supported by this real-time translation service. The company emphasized that conversations using the AI feature will be as straightforward as enabling closed captions on streaming shows. The goal is to make communication with individuals speaking different languages as effortless as possible. Importantly, Samsung assures users that private conversations will remain secure and confined to their respective smartphones.

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This announcement aligns with Samsung’s broader efforts in advancing its generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, which spans language, code, and image fields. The company plans to integrate this AI system into various products in the near future, although specific details about the timing and models involved were not disclosed. As Samsung continues to innovate, the incorporation of real-time translation adds another dimension to the user experience, promising enhanced connectivity and communication capabilities in their smartphones.


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