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Restricted Activities in 10 Punjab Districts Today

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In response to soaring levels of smog and hazardous air quality, a one-day precautionary lockdown has been enforced across 10 districts in Punjab. With Lahore at the forefront of the concerning air quality index, ranking among the most polluted cities globally, urgent measures have been taken to mitigate the spreading of smog.

The comprehensive lockdown entails the closure of schools, colleges, markets, gyms, banks, and business centers in the affected districts. Lahore specifically faces an overall air quality index exceeding 394, reaching alarming levels well beyond 450 in several areas, posing severe health risks.

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To contain the situation, routine life in Lahore and Gujranwala divisions will be limited, curtailing transportation in these areas and others like Nankana Sahib, Sheikhupura, Kasur, Gujrat, Sialkot, Narowal, Hafizabad, and Mandi Bahauddin, as per the official notification.

In a bid to address the crisis, the Punjab government has sought support from China to combat the escalating smog predicament in Lahore.

With health concerns mounting due to the thick layers of smog, experts strongly advise citizens to prioritize protective measures, including wearing masks, to safeguard against the harmful effects of the pervasive pollution.

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The surge in atmospheric contamination has triggered a significant influx of patients seeking medical aid, with over 3,200 individuals seeking treatment for respiratory and throat-related ailments in government hospitals within the last 24 hours.



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