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PPP’s Stance on Privatization: Shazia Marri Emphasizes Alternative Solutions

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In a recent press conference held at Bilawal House, Shazia Marri, representing the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), reiterated the party’s stance on the privatization of state-owned entities, emphasizing the need for alternative solutions to address economic challenges.

Marri, who secured a seat in the National Assembly from Sanghar in the recent elections, highlighted that the PPP, although not part of the government, remains committed to advocating for the interests of the workers and citizens. She underscored the importance of exploring alternative approaches to resolving economic issues, rather than resorting to the sale of state entities.

During her address, Marri referenced Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s recent discussion on privatization in his inaugural meeting, cautioning against the belief that selling state-owned entities could provide a sustainable solution to Pakistan’s economic woes. She stressed that such measures may not effectively address underlying problems and could potentially exacerbate socio-economic disparities.

Marri urged Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to consider the proposals put forth by Bilawal Bhutto, leader of the PPP, which prioritize the welfare of workers and citizens. She emphasized that the PPP stands firm in its commitment to ensuring employment opportunities for individuals associated with state-owned institutions, expressing concern for their well-being in the event of privatization.

It is noteworthy that prior to the formation of the government, the PML-N and the PPP had reached a power-sharing arrangement, with Shehbaz Sharif slated to assume the role of prime minister and Asif Ali Zardari set to be elected as President of Pakistan. Amidst discussions on economic policies, the PPP continues to advocate for strategies that prioritize the interests of the people and promote inclusive growth.



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