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Pakistan’s IT Services Export Surpasses $1.7 Billion Mark in Seven Months

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Amidst a digital revolution sweeping across borders, Pakistan’s prowess in Information Technology (IT) services continues to shine, as the country earned a substantial $1.719 billion from exporting various IT services during the initial seven months of the fiscal year 2023-24.

This remarkable achievement reflects a noteworthy growth of 12.78% compared to the corresponding period of the previous fiscal year, as reported by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS).

The export of computer services, a cornerstone of Pakistan’s IT sector, witnessed a robust increase of 14.09%, soaring from $1.224 billion to $1.397 billion during July-January 2023-24. Notably, software consultancy services saw a marginal uptick of 1.14%, reaching $3.542 million, while hardware consultancy services surged by 4.73% to $475.783 million.

However, there were mixed trends within specific service categories. Repair and maintenance services experienced a dip of 12.17%, while computer software services saw a modest rise of 2.71%.

On the other hand, information services faced a slight downturn of 19.62%, primarily attributed to a decrease in news agency services by 29.29%. Despite this, information-related services managed to grow by 1.99%.

Telecommunication services stood out with a notable 7.69% increase, climbing from $297.870 million to $320.780 million. Call center services particularly flourished, registering an impressive 18.95% surge, underlining Pakistan’s growing significance in this domain.

While challenges persist, including fluctuations in specific service categories, Pakistan’s IT sector’s resilience and adaptability remain evident. As the country continues to navigate the digital landscape, these figures underscore its potential as a competitive player in the global IT services market.



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