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Microsoft Shuts Down Windows 10 Mobile Store

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In a quiet yet significant move, Microsoft has officially shuttered the Microsoft app store on the Windows 10 mobile platform, signaling the end of an era for Windows phones. The closure of the app store, a core functionality of the now largely obsolete Windows 10 mobile platform, solidifies the conclusion of the classic generation of Windows phone systems.

The demise of the app store means that the homepage is no longer accessible, and download pages for applications are experiencing issues, with the app details page facing intermittent problems. This decrease in functionality is a direct result of Microsoft’s decision in December 2019 to discontinue support for all Windows 10 Mobile devices. This move mirrored the closure of the Windows Phone 8.1 store during the same period.

The Nokia Lumia 950, introduced in 2015, was the pioneer device featuring the Windows 10 mobile platform.

Despite the termination of device support in 2019, the Microsoft Store app store continued to operate, with Microsoft assuring users that, although the operating system wouldn’t receive additional updates, the app store would persist, and app/software support would be at the discretion of developers and OEMs.

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However, with the recent closure of the app store, it appears that Microsoft is gradually phasing out more Windows 10 mobile features. The remaining 4 Windows phone users should explore alternatives and consider upgrading to newer devices.

For those still clinging to their Windows phones, there seems to be a glimmer of hope. Some users have reported that installing the latest offline package for the app store can temporarily resolve the issue. Nevertheless, it remains uncertain how long this workaround will remain effective as Microsoft appears to be moving away from supporting its legacy mobile platform.

As the curtains close on the Windows 10 mobile app store, it signifies the end of an era for Windows phone enthusiasts, prompting a shift towards more modern and supported mobile devices.



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