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List of Emerging Players for PSL 9 Draft

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The curtain rises on the Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) ninth edition with an exciting revelation of the emerging player pool. This year’s lineup showcases a dynamic cohort of talented young cricketers poised to leave an indelible mark on the cricketing landscape.

The emerging player category, renowned for uncovering hidden gems and providing a launchpad for budding stars, presents a diverse ensemble of players brimming with eagerness to showcase their mettle.

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Among the standout prospects within the emerging player cadre are names like Hunain Shah, Ubaid Shah, Aaliyan Mahmood, Afnan Khan, Arham Nawab, Fahad Munir, and Muneeb Wasif. Each of them brings a distinct skill set and unwavering determination to excel in the game. The addition of promising talents such as Maaz Sadaqat, Noman Ali, Basit Ali, Faris Faisal, and Ghazi Ghouri amplifies the excitement surrounding this category.

With over 30 promising talents vying for coveted spots across franchises, the impending draft promises fierce competition. These budding cricketers are set to lock horns, striving to secure a coveted place in PSL 9 and present their potential on the grand stage.

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Enthusiastic cricket aficionados eagerly await the tactical moves of the teams as they endeavor to craft a winning ensemble by harnessing the potential of these rising stars. The PSL has become synonymous with nurturing fresh talent, and the upcoming ninth edition is primed to uphold this tradition by providing a platform for the next wave of cricketing sensations.

Scheduled for December 13, 2023, the draft is anticipated to captivate the cricketing community with its engaging selection process.



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