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Lahore Experiences Inaugural Artificial Rain

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Lahore witnessed its maiden artificial rain on Saturday, following meticulous planning, as announced by Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi.

During a press briefing, the caretaker CM highlighted that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) collaborated in executing this initiative aimed at enhancing the city’s air quality.

Approximately 10 areas in Lahore were beneficiaries of this artificial rain, facilitated by the release of 48 flares from an aircraft, as mentioned by the caretaker CM.

Naqvi expressed gratitude to the UAE team, emphasizing their instrumental role in orchestrating the artificial rain. He disclosed that two UAE aircraft had arrived in Pakistan around two weeks ago for this purpose.

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The unexpected rainfall in Lahore surprised residents, with no prior government announcement. Social media platforms were abuzz as netizens shared videos capturing the historic event of Lahore’s inaugural artificial rain.

Government authorities are actively monitoring the aftermath and effects of this artificial rainfall. There’s optimistic anticipation that this initiative will yield a positive impact on Lahore’s air quality.



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