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IMF Responds to PTI Founder’s Letter on Election 2024 Audit

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In a notable development, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has issued a response to a letter from the PTI founder requesting an audit of the Pakistan elections 2024. The letter, dated February 28, raised concerns regarding the IMF’s engagement with Pakistan under the loan program.

The IMF spokesperson clarified that as an international institution with a specific focus on economic matters, they refrain from commenting on domestic political developments. However, they emphasized the importance of a fair and peaceful resolution of all electoral disputes, recognizing the significance of the institutional environment for economic stability and growth.

Regarding their engagement with Pakistan, the IMF reiterated its commitment to supporting the implementation of robust policies aimed at deepening financial stability, addressing longstanding economic challenges, and fostering sustained and inclusive growth. Key areas of focus include enhancing public finances, reforming the energy sector, improving governance and anti-corruption measures, state-owned enterprise (SOE) reform, climate resilience, and creating a conducive environment for private businesses to thrive.

The statement concluded by expressing readiness to engage with the new government to complete the second review under the current Stand-by Arrangement and, if requested, to assist in formulating a new medium-term economic program.

This response underscores the IMF’s dedication to promoting economic stability and prosperity in Pakistan, emphasizing the importance of addressing economic challenges while maintaining political neutrality.



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