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Honda 125 Easy Monthly Installments Plan Zero Markup

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The Honda 125 is a super popular motorcycle from Atlas Honda, and it’s the second most preferred choice among people after the Honda CD 70. Despite the presence of other bikes in the market, the Honda 125 has maintained its top position thanks to its quality and strong market share.

The bike’s design and specs have remained relatively unchanged for a long time, but it’s still a big hit among riders. Recently, Honda introduced the special Honda 125 Golden Edition to the market.

The CG 125 has earned its iconic status because it offers robust performance, good build quality, and exceptional durability. It’s also known for being relatively low-maintenance compared to its competitors.

This year, the bike’s price crossed the 2 lac mark, standing at Rs234,900. To make it more accessible, many people are opting for easy installment plans.

Here’s a breakdown of the 2024 installment plans for the Honda CG 125:

Total Price: Rs234,900

Installment PlanMonthly Installment
3 Month PlanRs78,300 (Zero Markup)
6 Month PlanRs43,720 (Zero Markup)
12 Month PlanRs23,950
18 Month PlanRs17,440
24 Month PlanRs14,246
30 Month PlanRs12,375
36 Month PlanRs11,165

This table outlines the total price of the Honda CG 125 and the corresponding monthly installment amounts for various installment plans.

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