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Gold prices in Pakistan 22 November 2023

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Gold prices in Pakistan underwent fluctuations on Tuesday, showcasing an upward trend by hitting Rs215,600 per tola for 24-karat gold. For those seeking smaller quantities, 10 grams of the same quality were available at Rs184,842.

It’s crucial to understand that these prices are subject to change multiple times a day in response to global market dynamics, reflecting the fluid nature of the gold market.

These rates are sourced from reputable outlets, primarily situated in Karachi and Multan, serving as reliable benchmarks for local gold rates.

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On the international front, gold prices have observed a decline, resting at $2,011 per ounce presently.

For the most accurate and current gold rates tailored to specific locations, individuals are advised to consult with local gold dealers or jewellers. Given the volatility of the gold market, staying updated with these rates is recommended, especially as they react to ongoing global developments in the gold industry.


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