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For the 8th Desert Jeep Rally, foolproof security has been devised

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The gala of the 8th Jeep rally is set to begin tomorrow (Nov 9) at Thal desert here with a great pump and show on Wednesday.

According to DPO Syed Husnain Haider, the plans are being finalized in collaboration with the district administration and the tourism department.

The event was guarded by 600 police officers.

Around 24 pickets are set up at various roots, including the rally’s internal and external routes.

Traffic police were assigned a separate duty to control and maintain traffic flow. The DPO assured that every effort would be made to ensure the event’s success.

The Desert Jeep Rally has become a global trademark for a remote district of Southern Punjab.

Renowned drivers from across the country are set to demonstrate their driving prowess in order to claim the championship title in their name.

Vehicle registrations will begin tomorrow, the same day as the event, which will conclude on the 12th of the same month. The qualifying round of the three-day event is set to begin on November 10, the second day of the event, with the total trackmarked as three kilometers, as it is every year, with no inch less or more of the measured distance.

The rally organizers have declared November 11 as the date for the Stock Gallery competition.

The race of modified vehicles would begin on November 12 on a 180-kilometer track. Furthermore, a motorcycle racing sport has been announced, but no date has been set.

“The total length of the circuit or open course for the motorbike rally is fixed as three km,” the organizer of the event said.

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