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FC Balochistan’s Vigilance Thwarts Large-Scale Smuggling Operations Across the Region

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In a commendable display of vigilance and collaboration, FC Balochistan (North) has successfully foiled major smuggling attempts across various areas of Balochistan. Through coordinated anti-trafficking operations conducted from March 6th to March 24th, 2024, a substantial amount of illegal contraband, valued at Rs1927 million, was intercepted, preventing its infiltration into the region.

The operations led to the seizure of 12 metric tons of drugs, 1135 solar panels and inverters, 410 cartons of cigarettes, and 39,260 liters of Iranian diesel, among other smuggled items including sugar, urea fertilizer, china salt, tires, and non-customs paid vehicles. These confiscations underscore FC Balochistan’s relentless efforts to disrupt organized smuggling networks and uphold border security.

Spanning across various key areas such as Zhob, Qila Saifullah, Noshki, Barkhan, Panjpai, Chaman, Dera Allah Yar, and Pak-Afghan border regions, the operations effectively curtailed illicit trade activities. Smugglers’ attempts to conceal contraband in trucks and passenger buses were thwarted by the swift action and diligence of FC Balochistan personnel, ensuring the integrity of the region’s borders.

The seized items have been promptly handed over to customs authorities for further investigation and processing, reinforcing the commitment of FC Balochistan to combatting smuggling and maintaining law and order across the region.



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